Fer.Metal.Sud S.p.a established in 1996 is an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 certified ecological station and currently also ISO 45001: 2018, OG12 Class II, with certification for vegetable oil processing EU-ISCC-Cert-IT206-698299; is authorized by AIA n. 53 of 2023/06/21, for the temporary storage of special and non-hazardous waste, of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as the sorting and collection of glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, mixed packaging waste, bulky waste, scrap ferrous, reclamation of durable goods, reclamation of degraded sites, with Regional authorization, CAT.9D, 10 / A and 10 / B, etc .; has an agreement with hazardous waste landfills and thermal destruction and waste-to-energy plants.

It is registered on the white-list of suppliers, service providers and performers not subject to attempted mafia infiltration with Prot. Nr. 0047539 area 1 issued by the Prefecture office of the Brindisi Government.

Furthermore, our company is a member of National Supply Chain Associations such as COMIECO, POLIECO, CONIP, CONOE, COREPLA, etc.
Fer.Metal.Sud. S.p.A. ,. is an ACI-PRA Authorized Demolition Center, with registration number D02212, operates with the best technologies for reclamation and therefore safety and at the subsequent demolition of the vehicle out of use, provides transport to our headquarters with specialized vehicles (ex: wagon tools and cc ...) and cancellation to the P.R.A.

In addition, buy lead-acid batteries at competitive prices, it is registered with the WEEE Coordination Center as manager and treatment plant, with qualification issued by the RINA certification body, and finally batteries and accumulators as subscriber are registered with the national coordination center .
Our company policy is based on commitment, fairness, seriousness and managerial transparency, these elements that have placed the company at the highest production levels making them gain the trust and esteem of all operators.

Fer.Metal.sud cooperates with public and private subjects and in particular with public bodies and is committed to pursuing the objectives related to the reduction, the differentiated collection, the processing, the recycling of organic waste and the valorization of the obtained products.

Fer.metal.sud.S.p.a. is a company able to treat all types of recyclable and non-recyclable waste, being equipped with systems with modern equipment for preselection, selection, shredding, mixing, compaction, reclamation, etc., ...
It has a large fleet of authorized vehicles with regular registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers at 4D, 5F and 8C, of highly qualified operators, always ready for the multiple requests of our customers on environmental issues.
Many years of experience in the waste management sector have allowed us to start and consolidate competitive business relationships throughout the national territory, allowing our customers to save time and money in managing their corporate waste.
Part of the Fratelli CAVALLO group is the company Europa Ambiente s.r.l- certified ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018, equipped with a large fleet of authorized vehicles with regular registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers, third parties in the category 4C, Cat.1D and Cat .5D.
It is on the white-list WEEE Coordination Center of suppliers, service providers and executors not subject to attempted mafia infiltration with Prot. nr. 0027818 area 1 issued by the Prefecture of the Territorial Office of the Government of Brindisi.